Rolex Story – Rod Laver

Rolex Story Rod Laver

A Rolex, a Story

Rod Laver

There is an Australian legend in the world of tennis. He is Rod Laver, hailed as one of the best players in history. He was ranked No.1 in the world of tennis from 1964 to 1970, he has witnessed the evolution of tennis from amateur into professional event, and the development of Open Game. Known for speed, dexterity and spirit of competition, Laver is a player who had won the most personal-awards in history, including 11 championships. In 1981, he was invited to join the International Tennis Hall of Fame, which is a tennis version of the NBA Hall of Fame, suggesting how powerful he is in the world of tennis and he began to wear Rolex watch in the same year, since then the watch has become a symbol of his extraordinary achievements.


“I think I have proved to many people with my success that if you work hard, you will be rewarded.” ”


Rod Laver, towards the age of 80, thought life was wonderful. Tennis has given him a chance, and being good at tennis is the most important gift of his life. However, he thinks he must try to do better in tennis, that is, to win the game. He thinks that is his driving force: competition makes people progress. He kept improving himself with this belief.

Rod Laver loves tennis. His parents and two elder brothers were also involved in tennis activities. But he did well in the teen tennis race, so he had the opportunity to compete in the games in various nations in 1956: in France, Europe, he contended in Wimbledon and in the US Open. He had many opportunities at the time and thought, “I want to be a tennis player.” So his career began.

Rolex Story Rod Laver
Rolex Story Rod Laver

“I have witnessed the evolution of tennis since the Open Tournament Era, and I marvel at the huge improvement in amateur tennis events.” ”

Luckily, everything goes very well. For all tennis players, the establishment of Tennis Open tournament is the only thing that should be celebrated! I think this is the most important event in the history of tennis. I’ve had many years of experience, and I put them all together, so I did well in the early years of tennis open games. I have witnessed the changes in tennis since the age of open tournament and the huge changes in amateur tennis events marveled me a lot. The tennis circle has evolved from the beginning stage to what it is today, and the present cannot compare with the past.

In 1998, I suffered from a stroke. The doctors said to me, “You can’t play tennis any more.” That’s the best news that can be uttered by them. After a little recovery, I was able to get up from my wheelchair and thought, “Although my right side is paralyzed, I am a left-handed person … Just try it on the pitch.” My progress was very slow and it takes two or three months for me to hit the tennis ball,” Although I can’t move my body, I can stand up and hit the ball. Finally, I was able to move my right leg and began to recover from it since then. I was not ready to sit in a wheelchair, so I had to stand and walk as quickly as I could, away from my wheelchair.

I wasn’t easy when I was retired. But my career has been very long since the start of the amateur tournament, the professional tennis and later the age of open tournament. When you see a new generation of players, you will sigh at the value of time, they are younger, faster, and more excellent. Among numerous champions, my career may be the longest.

“The Rolex I am wearing now is deeply engraved in my career.”

I think I have proved to many people that if you work hard, you will be rewarded. I’ve had a great life, I’ve won a lot of grand tournaments, and I’ve been under a lot of pressures at Grand Slams, and all this has given me a Rolex watch. My career development was ideal, I successfully climbed to the peak of tennis world, buying this Rolex watch is a witness to my glorious career. This is the best choice I ever made! It has since become a symbol of my extraordinary achievements.

I participated in the Hall of Fame meeting in Australia in 1981. On my way back to California, I paused briefly in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, I saw a Rolex shop so I wanted to buy a watch and thought, “I deserve to have a Rolex watch.” I have been wearing this watch since 1981.” This watch and I together went through many wonderful things, not only the birth of my son in 1989, but also the experience of traveling around the world with this Rolex.

The Rolex I am wearing now is engraved deeply in my career. It’s what I crave, and also what I get.

Rolex Story Rod Laver
Rolex Story Rod Laver

The Long History of Rolex Datejust

One of the first innovations of Rolex that have had a huge impact on the market is the waterproof case, which is named as Oyster Case —- it’s like a closed shell of oyster. This name and concept is still used today, with a specific bottom cover that can only be opened with a special tool. In 1931, Rolex launched the oyster-perpetual watch with automatic movement, which was automatically winded by the spinning rotor.

To be more practical, the Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf, integrates a new, simple, but important feature: date display. So Ref.4467 was born at the Rolex. It is close to the actual version: a gold watch with three large hands, at the 3 O’clock position is the date window, at midnight the date will be Automatically renewed.

Due to the design of the intermediate gear and a spring mechanism, the date plate can make an instant jump at midnight. As a result, the calendar is almost always accurate at all times. This is a great breakthrough. This is what the previous watches can never do.

I found many replica Rolex watches at, I bought a datejust watch from it at a good price with a good quality, it looks so real that one can hardly believe it’s a fake. So I recommend it to you.






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